Cooled Modular Chiller

Digital scroll technique, new type air-cooled modular chiller system
Capacity output is controlled depending on controlling compressor to on/off in traditional modular air-cooled chiller system control. The precision of the control mode is not very good, and the compressor is frequently on and off, which is very bad for the compressorís life. Digital scroll air-cooled modular chiller system breaks traditional design, which is inconceivably designed with digital scroll compressor and constant scroll compressor parallel connection. The system can achieve linear capacity output (after combined) within 0.5%-100% which is widest in industry.
When the system operates at the part-load, the system can accurately adjust cooling and heating capacity output basing on actual requirement of the indoor room.

Modular design, flexible combination, more convenient for design and installation
The units adopt modular design, which can make more units to connect together. The unit can combine 16 separate modules (25kw, 30kw, 35kw, 55kw, 60kw. 65kw module) or 8 modules (130kw module).
Cooling (heating) capacity can increase step by step by 5KW per each time within 25kW-1040kW, mean while every separate module can operate as main unit, also each module can be a slave unit with modules combination, more convenient for design and installation.

The maximum combination of the system consists of 1 main unit and 15 slave units for 25kw,30kw,35kw,55kw,60kw and 65kw module,1 main unit and 7 slave units for 130kw module and 1 main unit and 4 slave units for 200kw module.

Outlet water temp. adjustable
Outlet water temp. can be adjusted b....


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