Capacity at -20C/+30C up to 1,820W
* A modular concept for application versatility
* Totally reversible from 20 C to +10 C, for operating flexibility
* Rapid installation and easy servicing contribute to reduced life cycle cost
* Unrivalled temperature recovery for urban distribution
* Choice of evaporator for maximum load space
* Innovations that respect the environment
* Microprocessor control and cab command make operation easier and safer.

Cooling capacity 1 820 Watts (-20C/+30C)
Heating capacity 3 100 Watts (+20C/-18C)
Airflow evaporator MXS 850 830m3/h
Airflow evaporator MXS 600 650m3/h
Airflow evaporator MXV 850 770m3/h


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