Sky For Technology is an authorized dealer for MIRACO CARRIER since 2000.
Sky ForTechnology is a leading –end –to-end company providing Mechanical works and has provided quality engineering services to the Middle East since its establishment in Egypt back in 2000.
Sky ForTechnology has successfully completed many prestigious projects in Egypt. Some recently completed projects include MARRASI (EMAAR MISR), Pediatrics center, & IT WORKS (FREE ZONE AREA)& PHARMA OVERSEAS 6TH OF OCTOBER BRANCH, Egyptian japanesse university, Ecco call center (Vodafone), Hilton green plaza, Smouha Medical Center, and more.
Sky For Technology proudly leads an experienced team that efficiently works together to link their strengths and experiences therefore bringing every customer the best in technical services and project management through experienced on-site project teams, the expertise necessary in management , coordination ,planning, purchasing, and quality control. This way we ensure that projects are completed as per client requirements regarding quality, time, and cost.
Our main target is producing an adequate product based on the engineering `s principles and we able to reflectthese principles by using codes and international standards. The company management specialized in the Mechanical contracting (Supply, installation, testing and commissioning HVAC work).
Our expertise has made us market leaders, providing technical and support services to both the private and public sectors in a number of major niches. We help our clients get the most out of their assets by applying our 10 year experience, diligence,professionalism, and local know-how combined with global knowledge and forward thinking. We optimally use our resource to provide our clients with maximum quality, at the least possible costs.

Our Experience

We have a large experience in (HVAC, firefighting). Our principle activities include the design, installation, testing, commissioning and maintenance of mechanical works.
Sky For Technology has the expertise and experience to offer a full range of mechanical services as follows:
- Testing and commissioning o HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) Works.
- Fire Fighting Works and related specialized systems like Building Management System (BMS), fire alarm system, low current system.
- Technical assistance, Maintenance and Procurement.
- Design, Prefabrication, Erection and Commissioning of all new installations up to final completion.
- Operation, Training and Maintenance Services including spare parts, consumables etc.
- Coordination with local Authorities and obtaining approvals.
- Value Engineering Services.

Sky For Technology

Sky For Technology strives on a continuous basis to provide high standard services through innovation and ongoing investment in highly professional administrative personnel, technical and engineering staff. Our operations are aligned with a strong focus on Health and Safety Environment and Quality concerns with abundant resources of highly skilled and self-motivated engineers and staff which makes us a perfect choice for solving any kind of mechanical work.
Sky For Technology is founded on the following principles and complies with all international standards.

Business Integrity

SkyFor Technology is strongly committed to helping mechanical businesses realize their full potential by providing only the best services. The way we accomplish this task is by strictly complying with the laws and regulations that govern business activities in our market. We are committed to providing and implementing our services ethically and as per time regulations.

Developing Partnerships

We will use our extensive expertise to provide you with quality services. We can also provide our professional services to promote your mechanical service and help expand your business.

Customer Relations

Sky For Technology has drawn the attention of its numerous customers though quality, efficiency and competitive prices. We take every customer enquiry seriously and strictly adhere to our commitment in providing quality services.

Technical Support

At our disposal are many highly trained technicians, supervisors and other service professionals to provide their services for fabrication and installation work as per your requirements.

Quality Control

Since our inception we have consistently emphasized on quality, innovation and reliability. We are committed to providing the highest quality service at competitive prices and implement quality control practices in every phase of our business process.

Vision & Mission

Our Vision & Mission is to lead the way to new and exclusive types of products andservices and to be recognized as a Contractor of choice in the mechanicalBuilding Services Sector in the region and beyondwe have strictly followed our vision for this company which is to maintain and strengthen the quality we provide our customers.
Our strategy forsustained quality and growth has earned the trust of all our clients, which eventually got us where weare today. 10 years of experience, major projects, and a solid client base, helped us become pioneers inthe contracting business in the Arab Republic of Egypt. We strongly believe that success dependssolely on team work and combined efforts and that’s why we selectively pick our team members toensure engineering and construction excellence. We develop ourselves and strengthen our businessthrough providing our customers state of the art project management systems, timely project executiontailored to customer needs, exceptional service with progress reports and updates, transparency andaccountability, and of course cost-effectiveness.
At Sky For Technology, we highly value our employees as they arethe foundation of this company. From their experiences, diligence, and high sense of professionalism, there is nowhere to go but forward.
At Sky For Technology, we are realistic in our goals; we don’t over promise, butwe over deliver, after all happy customers are our best advertising..
We are committed to enhance our client’s satisfaction and loyalty through;
- Providing high quality and unique services and products, to assure that our work will be a value adding to any project.
- Measure, monitor, analyze the processes and implement actions necessary to achieve the planned results and continual improvement in order to increase our market share.

The Management of The Company

The Company has an executive management team of highly qualified and experienced professionals who come directly from the businesses they manage hence diversifying the company’s managerial approaches. They Know construction, they Know building and they Know innovation.
Our leading technical expertise and strong financial position have enables us to attract and retain the best local and regional talents, to tackle and complete the most ambitious projects. SKY For Technology management brings a wealth of senior experience in the construction industry.